Acorn Nuts Uses & Benefits

Acorns Nuts

Things you did not know about acorn nuts

Acorn nuts are a class of nuts that belong to the Oak Family. It is a relative of the Quercus and Lithocarpus of the Fagaceae family. This seed is known to have tremendous health benefits on consumption. Acorn Nuts are commonly found in North America & Canadian regions .It is known to have originatedas a source of food. Traditional Acorn Soups are fairly popular in the California Region. Acorn can be stored for periods of time. That is they have longer shelf lives even when unprocessed.

Here are 10 things you might not know about the Acorn Nuts

1. These are non-allergic nuts

While Nut allergy is a very common kind of allergy prevalent globally. It is usually observed that people do not suffer from acorn allergies. Only where rare cases of acorn allergies are found. Therefore despite being a part of the nut family, it is in fact very harmless to consume. It has an extremely hard nut shell that is not easily breakable

2. The origin of acorn nuts

Belonging to the oak family implies it one amongst the 450 oak species that are present worldwide. As already mentioned, this is a close relative of the QuercusSuber, which the material is used for corking up the wine bottles and other bottle corks. This wood is usually waterproof and hence becomes an excellent water cork

3. Part if a flag!

Acorns are a part of a Canadian province flag. Yes, so it must be pretty significant in the Canadian History. Acorns are found Flag of Prince Edward Island. This flag consists of four oak trees. While of the flag represents the Great England, others represent the three smaller counties within the Prince Edward Island. The Oak tree, more specifically the Red Oak tree is official tree of the province. Due to its high wood quality it is very commonly used to build furniture.

4. The Anatomical acorns

Acorns are freakishly similar to the male genetilia. Glans is the head of the Penis. Glans is also the Latin word for acorns surprisingly. So you know it’s not just us conjuring up our imagination, it is a genuine origin of the word.

5. Food for winters

Nuts have always been known to be the food of choice for winters since centuries. This is for the simple reasons that they are full of nutrition and energy. Therefore it is much simpler to store them. They have a long shelf life, take up less space and have a punch of energy and nutrition. Therefore they have been known to be the food that animals and humans save up for winters. While squirrels are most commonly associated with acorns, it is usually the deer’s too that have an equal interest in acorns. During the season of fall, deer’s usually munch on these acorns as a source of their energy.

6. Who consume acorns the most?

Acorns are usually known to be consumed by the people of North America. More so the aboriginal people from California. These people are known to live on an Acorn diet since centuries. Since acorns can be stored for really long period of time, they are stored in family granaries for years at end. Acorns are grown once every 2-3 years. Therefore more individuals use these acorns in order to save them up for the next 10-12 years. They are safe to consume and can be had on a daily basis.

7. The nutritional Benefits of having Acorns

Acorns are a complete mini diet by itself. It contains all proteins fats and carbohydrates. All of which are the essential building blocks of the body. Acorns are composed of about 18% Fat, then there is about 6% protein and the balance is carbohydrates which is approximately 68%. It also contains other nutrients like Vitamin A and also a good source of Vitamin C. Acorns have a good Amino Acid profile and therefore it is very beneficial to health.

8. Tannins!

Well tannins are not exactly the best thing for your body. Excessive tannins in your body actually cause hindrance for the nutrients to get absorbed in your body. This is more of a natural defence mechanism of the acorns. If all acorns are consumed, then how would the oak trees reproduce? Hence more of these acorns are not very good for your health either only because of the tannins. So in a nutshell, you need to consume these acorns in limited quantities only. There are other animals that have adapted themselves in a way that they can breakdown the tannin and not let it affect you. In case of humans we are not there yet, therefore soaking the nuts will help release some of the bitter tannins.

9. The anti-alcoholics nuts

In Korea, the practice of creating acorn jellies was prevalent in the 17th century. Noodles made also have been prepared out of acorn starch. However one of the most interesting uses of acorn was to give the acorn juice to compulsive drinkers. It was known to resist their urge to drink the alcohol. The world definitely needs more of that juice today, don’t you think?

All in all, acorns are basically nuts full of energy. They are a power house of nutrition and can help you stay on those cold chilly winter days. It is best to try out some of the various recipes found online.

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