Almonds Health Benefits

8 Reasons why Almond is good for you

Almonds and memory words are used synonymously. Almonds are very popular for the impact they have on the memory of an individual. Having almonds from a very early age is known to be extremely beneficial for brain development. Although almonds are normally flaked due to their high fat content, it must be understood that fats by itself are not all bad fat. Some fats are in fact extremely essential in order to maintain optimum body functions.

Listed below are the 10 reasons why having almonds is the best thing for your health

1. The Nutrient dense food

Almonds originally belong to the Middle Eastern region of the world. However, United States is one of the largest producers of almonds that there is. Almonds are very rich in fibre and protein. However the highest quantity of fat. One of the most beneficialVitamins that the body needs is Vitamin E. Almonds have daily value of about 37% in terms of the recommended dietary allowance. It contains about 32% of the daily value of Manganese and 20% of the RDA of Magnesium. Other than these, almonds are rich in Copper, vitamin B2 and phosphorus. All of which are essential in maintaining the body cell cycles that occur. It may not be very calorie dense but it contains some good carbs

2. Anti-oxidant power

Anti-oxidants are substances that have an impact on the free radical scavenging.Free radicals are produced when the body is under some undue stress. This could be stress due to external factors such as pollution, unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle etc. The body does not react well to free radicals. This accelerates process such as ageing. Therefore one of the best things to fight against these free radicalsisanti-oxidants. Almonds are very rich in anti-oxidants, Therefore they help in sequestering all the free radicals that are formed. This in general helps in building immunity, reducing the oxidative stress that the body may be in.

3. The Vitamin E power House

Vitamin E is known to be associated with treatment of various diseases, one of them beingAlzheimer’s. Vitamin E basically belongs to the fat soluble Vitamins. These vitamins carry all the antioxidant effect that the body sees. As already stated, 37% of the daily value for Vitamin E can be fulfilled by the consumption of Almonds. It is also known to lower the risk of heart diseases.

4. The Diabetes controller

Almonds are supposed to be high in Fibber and low in carbohydrate. Therefore this helps in maintaining the GI.GI rich foods are very detrimental to the health of patientswho =o have issues with controlling diabetes. Also the high level of magnesium present in almonds is known to improve its efficacy in controlling the blood sugar levels of the body. Magnesium is known to be actively involved invarious processes of the body. One of theprocesses is the blood sugar regulation. Therefore having magnesium definitely improves the blood sugar of the body. Therefore it is a must have in a diabetics diet.

5. Magnesium helps in blood pressure control as well

Magnesium is important to regulate the blood pressure in your Boyd. Blood pressure is one of the most important regulatory processes in the body. It is one of the key factors that are can trigger strokes, heart attacks and kidney disorders. Magnesium deficiency has been known to cause refection the blood pressure control. Therefore to keep your body in check of all your process controls it is always advisable to never go low on the basic macro and micro nutrients of the body.

6. Reduction of cholesterol

Almonds are known to have a very significant and noticeable benefit on the body cholesterol levels. It is said that Almonds can reduce the LDL or the bad cholesterol significantly while not hampering the good cholesterol. This is backed up facts as figures. For instance it is believed that if a good precent of your calories come from an almond based diet, a reduction in the blood cholesterol levels by about 12.4 mg/l. eating a good handful of almonds is highly recommended if you are looking at reducing your cholesterol levels.

7. The diet food

Almonds have a lower calorie level. However, it is believed that having good amount of almonds actually gives s you the feeling satiety. Therefor reducing your overallcalorie intake in the body. People are always advised to have 5-6 mini meals all day instead of having 2-3 morecalorie dense meals. Therefore these mini meals usually consist of one meal having almonds or other nuts and seeds. They keep you full; hence you avoid overeating during lunch or dinner

8. The weight reduction plan.

Almonds at any given point have 15-20 percent of their calories being unabsorbed by the body. This is because the fat that is present in almond is too complex a fat to be broken down. Therefore even when you think you have taken in some good quantityof almonds into the body. You can be rest assured, that you will not be getting all the calories, but definitely all the nutrition. This works well because you will feel full and not to hungry to go on that binge fest.

Now that you have upped your knowledge on the how good those little almond treats are always ensure you carry those in your bag no matter where you go. These are quick munchies you shouldn’t shy from having

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