Annatto Uses & Benefits


Things you need to know about Annatto

Annatto has originated from the South and Central of America. Known as Bixa Orellana scientifically is known to have various health benefits. Annatto is a bright pink coloured fruit. This derived from the Achiote tree. This inside of the fruit is actually of one of the colorants that are being used for the red lipstick colour.Annatto is very popularly used as a natural food colour. Annatto is known to have various medicinal and herbal benefits.

The Eye Health Booster

Annatto is rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids have known to one of the most importantprecursors in maintain the eye health. In order to maintain good health, Vitamin A needs to be in good quantities within your body. If the carotenoid content is present in good quantities the ocular functions and more regulated,itprevents macular degeneration. It helps you keep up the good vision for many years to come therefore it isbeneficial to have annatto regularly as a part of your diet.

Anti-oxidant boost

Annatto is very rich in antioxidants. If the level of anti-oxidants reduce in your body, it effects the immunity, accelerates processes such as ageing and makes you look dull and dry Therefore, the best thing to do in this situation is to have aanti-oxidantrich diet. Just like annatto. The high antioxidants help in trapping all the free radicals that are present. These free radicals are the trigger or catalysts of everything wrong that is going on in your body. Therefore having foods that are rich in anti-oxidants therefore helps you go a long way in maintain the overall health of the body.

Digestion optimizer

Annatto is high in fibre. Fibre is an important nutrient that helps maintain good bowel movements. A diet that is fibre rich implies that the movement of the food through the intestines is smoother, digestion is accelerated and therefore the body gets good nourishment on time. Hence having fibre dense food always works. Annatto along with fibre nourishes you with much more healthy option.Fibres are also known to lower cholesterol and maintain optimum blood sugar level. Therefore annatto is not just helping with one single factor but a more holistic over approach to good health

Good for the Bones:

Annatto is rich in calcium. Calcium is usually one of the most prominent deficient. Especially in women post-partum. Calcium deficiency is very common during ageing as well. Therefore including annatto into your diet when you are in your post 30s would actually be a very ideal option for you. More and more people are suffering from low bone density issues making their bones very brittle. Include some annatto in your diet and get rid of bone problems. You are too young and you have a healthy life ahead of you.

Prevention of Birth defects

The entire process of pregnancy that is pre pregnancy where in you are planning to get pregnant, or during pregnancy or post pregnancy if there is one nutrient that has extreme importance it is folate. Folate is one of the most important key ingredients that are responsible in maintaining a good fertility health. During pregnancy also the folic acid levels helps in good baby growth. Annatto being rich in Folate is an ideal food to have. It will not make you nutrient rich during the most important phase of your life it will also nourish your foetus. Therefore it helps prevent defects that may be a result of lack of Folate in the diet.

Cancer Prevention and treatment

This can be interlinked with the fact that the anti-oxidants levels are very high. High anti-oxidantlevels always help in cancer prevention and treatment. It contains a component known as norbixin. This factor is known to have some anti-mutagenic effect. Mutation is one the basis of cancer. Cancer is causes due to an unknown cell mutation. Therefore having some anti-mutagenic properties in food helps you go a long way in cancer prevention. This is recommended especially for those who are known to have a history of cancer in their family.

Treatment for Gonorrhoea

Gonorrhoea is sexually transmitted diseases. This disease can be extremely painful; Therefore annatto paste is applied in area that has been affected. It is an all-natural herbal solution and is the choice of medicinal treatment you could opt for.

Word of Caution:

Although annatto is extremely popular for its various health benefits its does have certain side effects. Thereis no recorded toxicity levels recorded for annatto. However it is known to be a severe allergen. Therefore if allergic to Annatto, individuals are known to have very severe reactions to it. People have known to go intoanaphylactic shock after consumption of annatto. Therefore if you are trying it for the first time it will be advisable to understand the possibility of an allergic reaction. Even pregnant women are first advised to first to take doctorsadvice before taking annatto. Upton a limited quantity it is known to be harmless, but it is best to take caution and go with doctor’sadvice only.

In conclusion, Annatto is a one strep solution in preventing various conditions such as cancer or treatment of gonorrhoea. It also promotes general good health by providing blood pressure regulation, helping in digestion, strengthen bones, wound healing etc.

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