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10 Brandy cocktails to serve at your next house party:

Brandy is an alcoholic spirit which is produced by distilling wine and is considered to be one of the classic alcohol drinks. In older times, it was considered to be one of the extravagant drinks reserved for special occasions that was consumed by the upper class section of the society. Over time, its popularity faded as its other counterparts like Vodka, whisky and rum came into the scene. Brandy still maintains its reputation of one of the most flavoursome alcoholic drinks of all time and should be tried by one and all. Cocktails are beverages where water is blended with alcoholic spirits and fruit juices to make tasty on-the-go drinks. Brandy cocktails remain old age favourites among employees and can be made with simple recipes. We will give you tips to make your next house party an unforgettable one with these delicious brandy cocktails. All you need to make a brandy cocktail is a cocktail shaker, a few cubes of ice, lemon and some expertise and you are good to go.

1) Brandy Daisy:

The Brandy Daisy is fundamentally the same as the Brandy Cocktail and it speaks to a style of mixed drink also. The cognac rendition is one of the better 'daisy mixed drinks' and just uses a couple dashes of rum, curacao, and basic syrup with lemon and pop to unite everything. This daisy is an exceptionally sensitive mixed drink and is perfect for some of your better collection of brandies and cognacs.

2) Metropolitan:

Metropolitan is one of the more popular brandy cocktails and is quite easy to make. This exemplary formula blends cognac with sweet vermouth and straightforward syrup for a basic, fulfilling drink that is extraordinary before supper. It helps you relax before a heavy, hearty meal and the light headed feeling settles you in a warm rush of happiness. Just be careful to not intake this cocktail in excess as it can give you a high quickly.

3) B&B:

There is no rulebook that you have to abide by while preparation of this cocktail. It is one of the luxurious drinks that leaves a good taste in your mouth after its consumption. Judgement must be exercised while mixing this drink and the right amount of herbal liqueur and benedicter must be blended in order to get the desired effect. Show off your cocktail making skills with this recipe and leave people wanting for more.

4) Sidecar:

The Sidecar is one of those beverages that has seen numerous makeovers throughout the years and it is one that you can without much of a stretch adjust to your own taste. You can customize the drink as per your tastes and preferences. The formula utilizes your liquor of decision (regularly cognac or Armagnac), orange alcohol, and lemon juice. You will find that the Sidecar is an incredible schnaps acrid, especially on the off chance that you culminate the drink's adjust for every schnaps you utilize.

5) Vieux Carre:

This is yet another interesting cocktail and has its roots in New Orleans. A New Orleans specialty, the Vieux Carre is an intriguing mixed drink with layers of significant flavors. Cognac joins with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, Benedictine, and (once more) both Angostura and Peychaud's sharp flavoring. This leaves a tangy taste in your mouth and is a crowd puller.

6) Champagne Cocktail:

This one is a fusion of one of your finest brandies and the classic champagne. It is one of the heavenly cocktails ever made and requires an acquired taste to appreciate its excellence. It is a cocktail which has been used during celebratory occasions since centuries and is usually considered to be a mark of a good beginning. The blending of these two spirits provides a spectacular visual as well. The rising bubbles and the sparkling liquid are a treat to the eyes and gives heady, happy sensation on its consumption.

7) Club Cocktail:

As the name suggests, it is a specialty which is served in clubs and is popular among the masses. It creates a distinctive taste as cognac and maraschino are sweet and sultry which stands out pleasantly from the pineapple and Peychaud's Bitters. The Club Cocktail is a decent change from cognac's darker side. It is lighter in nature as compared to other brandy cocktails and can be consumed either pre or post meal depending on your choice.

8) Corpse Reviver:

The quirky, intriguing name lives up to its reputation with a mixture of apple flavoured brandy and sweet vermouth. It is one of the common drinks and is delightful to drink. You can also add a fruit juice of your choice to make it flavourful.

9) Tom and Jerry:

This one is an absolute must have cocktails that should be on your bucket list for. It is a tradition which is continued since centuries and is usually served during the Christmas eve and keeps up the festive spirit. It is a drink which contains a blended mixture of brandy, eggs, rum, simple syrup and milk. It seems like a weird combination of ingredients but is a delight to your taste sense on its consumption. If you are feeling experimental, give this brandy cocktail a try.

10) La tour Eiffel:

One of the classic cocktails that bartenders swear by.To begin with pour 7.5ml absinthe (about a teaspoon and a half) into a chilled champagne woodwind. Coat the whole glass with the alcohol, at that point include a couple ice solid shapes and put it aside. In an ice filled blending glass, mix together cognac, Cointreau and Suze. Tip the ice and absinthe from the champagne woodwind, at that point strain the mixed drink into it. Trimming with a touch of lemon.

Brand back brandy in trend this season with these amazing cocktails. Happy drinking!

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