Brazil Nuts Uses & benefits

Brazil Nuts

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are turning out to be one of those popular trending foods that are known some excellent health benefits. Brazil nuts are nutrient rich power pact house of nutrients that can have tremendous health benefits on your body. With each and every componenthelping in one way or another in making your body a much healthier place to live in.

Brazil Nuts and Selenium

Selenium is one of the most important nutrients that arepresent in the Brazil nut. Selenium can help the body in so many ways to make it more efficient. Selenium is not commonly available in food in good quantities. One of the key reasons why Brazil nuts are so important to be a part of your food is due to selenium. The bioavailability of this nutriment in food is the highest known in comparison to any other food. One of the biggest benefits of selenium is that it has a major role to play in cancer prevention and treatment.

Some of the most powerful effects of selenium that you can see in the body are as follows

  • Selenium plays an important role in thyroid function. Thyroid hormones that are very important in this case are the T3 and T4. Selenium assists in converting these hormones into its biologically active forms. Thyroid is one of the main precursors in regulating various bodyfunctions;therefore if thyroid is regulated efficiently, you are already free from of host of thyroid related problems that could occur.
  • Rich in antioxidants. Basically Selenium helps in aiding the function of Vitamin E and Vitamin C. It is awell-known fact that Vitamin E and Vitamin C help in prevention of ageing and helps improve your skin health.
  • For men, selenium is boon. Because it is one of those few ingredients that help you boost the testosterone level. Therefore directly helps in improving sperm production.
  • Selenium helps in improving the immune system. It helps in lowering the cholesterol levels of the body. LDL or the bad cholesterol is known to have detrimental effects. Such as triggering Cardio Vascular diseases and lowering the cholesterol.
  • It helps in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Prevention of prostrate and reduction in the cases of lung cancer

Keeping in mind all the above benefits, it is hard to undermine the power of having Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are known to be one of the most important food products when it comes to cancer related.

What is the right amount or quantity of Brazil nuts that you require in order to see the benefits of Brazil Nuts?

100 grams of the nuts per day is more than enough to fulfil your daily quota. In fact, it is believed that Brazil nuts fulfil 3000% of the Daily value of recommended dietary intake.However since taking that much amount of nuts daily will not be feasible for anybody. It is recommended that atleast 2-4 nuts per day is a perfect way to start your day

Bioavaibility of Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are known to have very high bio availability in the body. Therefore having good amounts of Brazil Nuts can assure the fact you can have good amounts of selenium in the body.

Bioavaibility of Brazil Nuts

Gluten is now increasingly becoming the villain food of the millennium. People are averse to gluten and more and more studies are showing how detrimental gluten can be on your body. Studies have shown the great health benefits. Brazil nutsdo not have gluten in them. Therefore it can be used in all the meals if you plan to go for a gluten free diet.

Boosts healthy Cholesterol

Brazil nuts are not only known to reduce the bad cholesterol, but also improve the level of good cholesterol. Its raises your HDL levels. HDL is good for the body and heart. Brazil nuts are high in monounsaturated fatty acids. MUFA helps in maintain a good lipid profile, prevents strokes.

Best for prevention of Zinc Deficiency

Brazil nuts are one of the rare foods that are used to treat a rare condition known as acrodermatitisenteropathica. This is a condition wherein the body does not absorb zinc; its inability to absorb the zinc makes this condition very difficult. Brazil nuts are so high In the amount of zinc that it gets absorbed.

Helps in treatment of Iodine deficiency and gastro intestinal disorders

Iodine deficiency can cause serious health disorders. It can be severe and can be extremely detrimental to the health. Research has implicated that good selenium levels can improve the gastro intestinal disturbances that maybe there. It also treats the patents from the side effects of Iodine deficiency. Relief is also obtained from the symptoms of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

The mineral Powerhouse

Brazil Nuts are a mineral power house. Brazil nuts are extremely rich in copper, iron,phosphorus and zinc. Being rich in minerals implies that the chances of being affected by disorders such As bone weakness, anaemiaetc. are very low.

Helps in controlling extreme hunger spurts

There are times when you are so hungry, you can eat almost everything and anything comes in front of you. These kinds of hungers spurts therefore result in over eating and in most cases weight gain. Having nuts at equal intervals will prevent these hunger bursts. Therefore it is recommended to have a good amount of Brazil nuts for you’re on the go hunger cravings

To conclude, Brazil nuts are one of the most nutrient dense foods. It is now in the league of super foods that have only recently realized new avenues. Therefore if you haven’t tried Brazil nuts yet you must try them and help your body with the amazing benefits Brazil Nuts impart

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