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10 reasons to include calcium in your regular diet:

Vitamins and minerals are essential for deep nourishment and survival of the body. They do not get their due credit but are in fact one of the prominent factors in developing a strong immunity system and smooth functioning of the operations carried out by the body parts. Minerals are usually bifurcated into Macro mineral and trace minerals. Macro minerals are to be consumed in larger proportions but trace minerals are of equal significance. Calcium is one of the major components of macro minerals and its various health benefits have been established over the years.

Calcium has been known to represent around 1.5 % of aggregate body weight of an individual. Clinical research has demonstrated that a consistent supply of calcium is imperative all through the whole life expectancy of a person. This is on account of the mineral assumes particular parts in various periods of life beginning from adolescence till the adulthood. Although the utilization of calcium is most commonly associated with strengthening of teeth and bones, you would be surprised to find out the other ways in which it largely benefits you.

Symptoms that you are suffering from calcium deficiency:

It occurs when your muscles ache and twitch, or if you get sudden cramps and spasms. Also, if you suffer from palpitations, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, loose teeth and gum diseases, insomnia, premenstrual cramps, tetany, hypertension and arthritis, that may also indicate calcium deficiency. It also appears in the form of white spots and can be detected by examination of nails. Many children suffer from rickets, where the bones become weak and flexible, they have bowed legs, sunken chests and beaded ribs. These children have not been nourished with calcium since birth. Thus, a regular supply is very important in growing children and teenagers as it can substantially reduce the risks of osteoporosis in old age.

Lack of calcium can lead to extremely weak bones and can be susceptible to breaking. It also leads to brittle nails as well as hair loss in some cases. We have compiled a list of reasons to include the standard intake calcium in your daily diet. Read on to find out more.

  • Helps in easing the pain of pre-menstrual syndrome:

Women know how painful is the pre-menstrual syndrome and sometimes it can be triggered due to lack of standard calcium intake in your body. Studies directed by researchers propose that the inadequacy of calcium in the framework can cause a negative effect on progesterone and oestrogen levels, which can trigger PMS (premenstrual disorder). This is the reason specialists prescribe a day by day measurements of 1000 mg of calcium for ladies, and around 2000 mg of calcium in the event that they experience the ill effects of PMS.

  • Helps in stabilising blood pressure:

Including calcium intake in your day to day diet prevents your blood pressure from fluctuating intensely. Extreme cases of high BP or Low BP can increase the possibility of having a stroke. Albeit the vast majority of the calcium (around 99%) in your body is available in the bones, the little measure of calcium in the blood helps in directing low circulatory strain. A customary dose of calcium can likewise altogether help in treating hypertension.

  • It is vital for pregnant women:

Calcium is one of the central components in the body, and the skeletal framework is completely developed of it. Amid pregnancy, moms are proposed to build their calcium allow as it is not just required for the sustenance of their body, additionally for the perfect development and improvement of the infant. Sufficiently accepting calcium will guarantee that the child has enough calcium to keep developing at a sound rate. On the off chance that calcium is lacking, the infant will be compelled to siphon the calcium it needs from the mother's stores.

  • Prevents different types of cancer:

Sufficient calcium intake in the body aids in prevention of different types of cancer such as breast cancer, ovary cancer and colon cancer being the important one amongst them. It has anti-oxidants which help in fighting cancer. Adequate calcium avoids general danger of colon tumor and smothers the development of polyps that can prompt disease. The abundance mineral is left in your digestive organs after your body retains what it needs. On its way through the colon, this unabsorbed calcium is accepted to tie with malignancy promoters so they're discharged together from the body.

  • Maintains the PH levels in your body:

The unhealthy, junk food we devour, for example, unrefined oil, sugars, and soda pops can expand the acidic levels in the body, causing bloating and ceaseless acridity. This causes hypertension and stress to the kidneys. Calcium has a cooling impact on the framework, which keeps the pH levels in the body basic and ensures smooth operating of the bodily functions.

  • Maintains strong bones and promotes dental care:

If you are suffering from joint pains and bleeding gums, it is a sign to include food products that are rich in calcium in your diet. Intake of sufficient calcium alleviates your joint pains and helps in formation of strong bones. And in the case of children, calcium should be included in the diet from an early age for stronger teeth.

  • Transports nutrients from one cell to another:

Calcium acts as a transporter of nutrients and takes the responsibility of efficiently carrying nutrients from one cell to another for an uninterrupted pump of blood flow.

You can obtain your sufficient dose of calcium by consuming dietary products, nuts, tinned salmon, leafy vegetables, meat,etc.

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