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Castor Seed

9 Surprising Benefits of Castor seeds

Castor seeds have been known for centuries for the range of medical benefits it imparts to a person’s health. Castor seeds have originated from east Africa; however these are abundantly available in the Indian sub-continent. Castors seeds are also showing its presence in the Mediterranean region. More recently, these seeds are also being cultivated in regions of America. These seeds are also known to insect repellents. Therefore you will find this as a common practice that people plant castor seeds in theory garden to prevent the insects from thriving and ruining the garden or the produce

Castor seeds are known to have some tremendous health benefits, we help you explore some of the best health benefits that these castor seeds can impart.

1. Helps in curing the pain caused due to menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are one of the most common pains that women suffer from. Women from all age groups are constantly faced with varying degrees of pain. However, in some cases the pain could be extreme and very severe. This could be due to various other underlying factors such as PCOD, or cysts, fibroids etc. In cases such as this it is not uncommon for women to opt for strong pain killers that would keep the pain at bay. Having castor seeds has a positive impact on the menstrual cramps. The intensity of pain felt is not as severe. Castor seeds are emmenagogues; therefore it opens up the flow of blood. Therefore reducing the cramps required. This helps to ease the pain that individuals feel.

2. Excellent Birth control option

Castor seeds contain a component known as Ricin. Ricin can be very toxic in high dosages. Therefore for those who are looking at avoiding pregnancy and want to go for more natural ways of birth control, consumption of Castor seeds could be a very effective opting. It is however advised, that women who are already pregnant should be advised against taking castor seeds. These could also lead to abortion there it is advisable to be used with discretion. These are also known to be spermicidal. Because of which it works excellently for as a birth control mechanism.

3. Helps during location

Castor seeds are an emmanagogue which promotes galatactogogue properties. Galatcotogogues are substances that are known to promote milk secretion in mothers. Castor seeds contain castor oil; this substance helps to release the milk better. It is also known to improve the quality of milk that is being released. However it is important to know that castor oil should not be consumed in high quantity. This is because it can have adverse effects on the child.

4. Treatment of skin disorders

Castor bean seeds are known to be very healthy for the hair and skin. It can cure sun burns; it can help with dry skin. It can also be used for treating skin infections. The issues that people face commonly are warts, infections that could be bacterial or fungal. All of these can be treated with the help of castor oil that is present in castor seeds.

5. It gives relief for patients suffering from Rheumatism

Rheumatism is a condition that can be characterized by constant pain. The chronic pain that is caused due the friction between all the joints. Castor oil causes immediaterelief when applied to the affected areas. It has good absorption, therefore one cam use good quantityof oil in all the affected areas. Regular application of these is very important to maintain consistent good health.

6. Moisturizing effect on the body

Castor oil is a great moisturizer. If you plan to try good skin treatment packs, ensure that you add a bit of castor oil. Castor oil imparts a rich look. Because castor oil is odourless and therefore adding it into skin care formulations leaves no smell behind. It can be used liberally. Skin that has dry patches and scabs can be cured using castor oil. Use cotton to dab a little bit of castor oil on your face every night and every morning find a fresh, revitalized and plump skin

7. Treatment of Ringworms

Ringworms is an infection that is caused due Fungus. Fungal infections such as ringworms that can be very stubborn and will not go away. In cases such as these the undecylenic acid that is present in the castor oil is a great component to treat fungal infections. How to use these seeds you wonder? Well simply take the seeds and crush them. Mix warm coconut oil along with the coarse mixture of castor seeds.

8. Helps in cases of severed wounds and bruises

External wounds can be treated by topical application of castor oils. Castor oil acts in prevention of infections in the wounded region. For fast cure, it is advisable to apply the castor oil twice a day.

8. Helps in cases of severed wounds and bruises

Hair growth can seriously be accelerated by the use of castor oil. Castor oil has been used since centuries to improve the hair growth. Women have seen tremendous benefits by using castor oil in order to improve not just the density but the overall quality of the hair as well. There would be less damaged hair.

All in all, it would be advisable to used castor seeds or oil either in topical application or consumption of the oil. It would be advisable for individuals to try out the benefits of castor oil. This has been one of the traditional ways of curing various diseases. So go on try some castor oil or castor seeds.

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