Chestnuts Uses & Benefits


Reasons Chestnuts are good for Health

Seeds and nuts areone of the most nutritious among the foods. Seeds and nuts are usually recommended to all age groups and types. It is always advised to have meals spread over 5-6 times a day as opposed to 3 heavy meals. The logic and reasoning behind this is that you tend to over eat when too hungry. Therefore is always advised to have 5-6 mini meals instead. These meals will be in smallerproportions and therefore they will have a lesser caloric value. They are not just low in calories but also very high on nutrition. Therefore they serve two purposes at a time.

Chestnuts are too in the category of nuts that are healthy. Chestnuts have various health benefits due to which it is recommended to include chestnuts in your daily meal plan. Chestnuts belong to the genus Castanea. These are a part of the Beech Family. They have their origins in European countries, china and Japan. Other than these American chestnuts are pretty popular too. However these are all having different type and pattern in which they grow and are produced

Given below are some of the best health benefits that Chestnuts can provide Read on to know more about Chestnuts

1. Great Cure for Diarrhoea

Chestnuts barks are found be excellent remedies for diarrhoea. People who suffer from constant irritable bowel syndrome like condition where they have a weak bowel, chestnuts can prove to be very useful. It is a very effective remedy to cure this discomfort. Chestnuts need to be boiled in water. These are rich in Tannins. Tannins help control diarrhoea.

2. The perfect cure for respiratory disorders

Chestnuts help cure a lot of these respiratory disorders. Respiratory problems are usually caused due to reaction of the body’s own system. Therefore as a result there is inflammation in lungs and throat. As a sign of infection cold and cough are also consequently affected by this. Therefore it is advisable for people to try out chestnuts. Chestnuts are known to have some expectorant properties. These expectorants produce secretions that provide relief to the throat. Chestnut acts very well in trying to relive your body from the discomfort of these respiratory disorders.

3. Helps in maintain the blood vessels.

Chestnuts are extremely rich in essential fatty acids; they have high amounts of linoleic and palmitic acids. These are very essential in maintain the regular body functions. These help to maintain good blood vessel elasticity. It also helps in reducing lower the cholesterol levels. Especially the bad cholesterol. Nuts are known to maintain the good cholesterol levels in the body. Chestnuts clear the blockage that forms in the blood vessels. Therefore promoting good flow of blood throughout the body. As long as there is good flow of bloodthroughout the body, nutrients are being delivered successfully to all the organs of the body.

4. Chestnuts have greatanti-oxidant activity

Chestnuts are known to be potent anti-oxidants. It has high amount of Vitamin C. vitamin C helps in cleaning up the free radicals and the unnecessary toxins that are present in the body. The anti-oxidantsthat is present in chestnut help in taking up the free radicals that are being formed. The anti-oxidant system that is present in the chestnuts help in detoxifying your body effectively, Therefore making your body so much healthier.

5. Thyroid regulation

Thyroid glands need to function perfectly in order to perform body functions such as regulating the hormones, building proteins and creating energy for the whole bodyif the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 do not function properly. Ellagic acid which is a part of the chestnuts is known to help regulate the thyroid functions. It controls both overactive and underactive thyroid functions.

6. The digestion booster.

Having a great digestive system is a boon. However one of the most common ailments that people now faces are digestion problems.High fibre foods such as chestnutscan help in good bowel movements. This helps in softer stool movements, prevents constipation and helps from patients suffering from piles. Water chestnuts are known to help replenish the minerals that maybe lost due to diarrhoea or similar problems.

7. Takes care during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women need to have healthy food. Everything she consumes must be nutritious, safe and very extremely healthy. Therefore it is important to have a more holistic diet. A diet that contains all the necessary nutrients. Chestnuts are known to be rich in calcium and minerals. It also has some major minerals that help in saving up the electrolyte required for good body process regulations. There are frequent cramps or catches due the pregnancy. If your muscles and tissues have adequate minerals and vitamins, the body will not face as many cramps and problems as you might expect.

8. Perfect for heart Health

Chestnuts are known to be excellent at maintaining heart health;these are extremely rich in Vitamin B 6. Vitamin B6 plays a very crucial role in maintaining the level of homocysteine. It is an amino acid which does not originate from protein. This amino if not regulated can lead to obstruction in the arteries. People who have elevated levels of these amino acids are at a higher risk or chance of being affected by stroke or heart attack. Chestnuts are also high in Vitamin B 12. B12 is one of the most important vitamins because it regulates most of the important cell cycles.

Therefore to conclude, it is highly beneficial to include including chestnuts into your diet in order to give you’re a more holistic, well rounded diet.

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