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Cumin Seeds

Things you did not know about Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds, one of the common food ingredients being used in most of the Indian food cuisines. Cumin forms a part of your daily meal. And it should be given the number of health benefits it imparts to your body. In any Indian cuisine, it is used as frequently as it is an indispensible part. This is because it has a great flavour and aroma. It is also a major part of all core Indian spices. Cumin seeds are available in three variants. Amber, white or black colour. The black cumin is one of the most flavourfully complex ingredients.

Listed Below is some of the best benefits that cumin seeds can impart

1. Acne Boils and pimple reduction

When the body is a stressed state there is a lot of toxin production that happens. These toxins are extremely harmful for the body and cause eruptions on the skin. They can spoil/ hamper the look and feel of your skin, making you look dull and tired. Cumin seeds have components such as Cuminaldehyde, thymol and phosphorus. These ingredients effectively remove the toxins out of the body. However their method of removal of toxins is always through the excretory system.

2. Treatment from skin diseases

Cumin is known to be rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential in maintain a good skin and hair. It makes you have a very fresh and lively look. Besides this it also has anti-microbial properties. It is anti-fungal in nature; it is anti-bacteria in nature and has disinfecting properties. For skin disorders, more than just the consumption, topical application of these can be beneficial in trying to cure the skin diseases.

3. Prevents ageing

When the body has too many free radicals that are present, it can have detrimental effect on the body. When the free radicals are too high in concentration, that exactly when the normal ageing process is unnaturally accelerated. It is important to know that the consumption of right amount of jeera helps you go a long way in slowing down this ageing process. Jeera has anti-ageing effect. Effects such as sagging of the skin or age spots that become very visible with age can be prevented. However consumption of jeer regularly at the right time is highly recommended.

4. Prevention from itchiness

Some people are more prone to this than others. The constant heat and dryness or extreme humidity may lead to itchiness. Cumin seeds are known to be extremely effective when it comes to Itchiness. It can cause serious reduction in the symptoms. Boiling cumin seeds in water and then having a bath once it cools down is the best way to calm down the itchiness.

5. Burning sensation cure

Some individuals face a chronic problem of burning sensation on theirextremities. The sole of their feet or the palms has nerves that may be affected causing you to have an unbearable burning sensation. Cumin seeds are known to relieve this kind of stress from the body. This water is again prepared by boiling the cumin seeds in water and then this water can be used for drinking. If taken consistently, it will go a long way in curing this in the long run.

6. The cumin face pack

Cumin is known to be very beneficial for a good glowing face;therefore it is important to apply a face pack of cumin powder. This face pack will leave your skin glowing and looking fresh. This can be combined with honey. Honey is used to calm down inflammation. This will prevent the constant spurts of acne on your skin.In case you have an uneven skin tone or blemishes on your skin, Cumin seeds will definitely help you give an even skin tone.

7. The Hair loss treatment

Hair loss can again be prevented by topical application of the cumin oil. The cumin oil being rich in Vitamin E can be used in order to prevent hair loss. Cumin oil can be used in combination with almond oil or olive oil. Consumption is also another option of preventing hair loss. You can consume cumin oil in order to have better results.

8. Dandruff prevention

Aroma therapy is one of best treatments for dandruff. It cleanses your scalp and opens up the pores. This allows the hair to breathe. Therefore making it look for fuller and nourished. Try aroma therapy that uses cumin seed oil in order to prevent dandruff or even cure it.

9. Important for maintain blood sugar levels

This has been known to be a preventive as well as curative treatment against diseases such as diabetes. In order to either cure or prevent the onset of diabetes it isvery important to maintain the blood sugar levels. Generally, Insulin is the factor that is responsible for maintain the blood sugar level in the body. Besides these cumin seeds etc. also help in regulation of the blood sugar levels

10. Iron Rich food source

Cumin is very rich in iron. Therefore it can be used to cure anaemia. Anaemic patients have very low iron in their body. This results in lack of concentration constant fatigue etc. Therefore having cumin seeds will be very helpful in curing conditions such as Anaemia

In all, the above top 10 health benefits of using and including cumin in your diet should give you enough reasons to be more liberal with that cumin seeds into your diet.

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