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Seven reasons why drinking Ginseng tea is good for your body

Ever since the discovery of tea it has become the most consumed beverage all over the world. This is primarily because of its exorbitant availability and amazing properties. The best part of this widely consumed beverage is that it is available in numerous varieties as well. Apart from doing what it does the best, that is to give your brain a boost it was later discovered that some varieties of tea could be bestowed with some immense health features if consumed in moderate quantities.

Ginseng tea is extracted from the parent ginseng plant which has its roots enormously spread in Eastern Asia, North America and other cooler regions. A lot of research has proved that the ginseng plant has some miraculous properties. Ginseng is also considered to be the most expensive herb in the history and only some people can actually afford it. Research has also proved that having ginseng tea can have positive effects on the body obviously if you are not allergic to it. Here we highlight the top seven benefits of ginseng tea.

1 - Can aid in treating type 2 diabetes.

The ginseng tea acts as an aphrodisiacs healthful stimulant which results in it helping to treat the type 2 diabetes. A lot of research has also shown that having ginseng tea could fight this disease and could possibly be a ray of hope for patients suffering from this disease. This is because having a cup of ginseng tea reduces the overall blood sugar levels in the body. A lot of people suffer from this disease because the body's tissues are not responsive enough to insulin; hence it is not processed correctly. Ginseng tea is loaded with the property that improves the performance of insulin and hence encourages in treating type 2 diabetes.

2 - Could support cardiovascular health.

Ginseng tea is good for your heart. A study conducted by the University of Harvard has also stated that having a cup of ginseng tea could actually thwart the oxidation of low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol and could push up the levels of high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol. One of the best ways that it indirectly protects your heart is that it provides relieve from hypertension. Ginseng tea thins the blood by jamming platelet adhesion and could hence possibly serve as a better alternative to any other sugary beverage. However people with fluctuating blood pressure problem should once consult their doctor before adding it to the regular diet.

3 - A powerhouse of antioxidants

Ginseng tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants which could be of great use to the body. Ginseng tea is loaded with the powerful antioxidant catcheins . Catchein is an antioxidant that helps to prevent free radical damage in the body. This property of ginseng tea also makes it one of the ways to prevent various cancers like skin, breast, colon and also oesophageal. Having ginseng tea has also proved to be beneficial in treating cancer because it is supposed to contain an antioxidant named glutathione which is extremely effective in stopping tumour.

4 - Ginseng tea for good hair and skin

Apart from the ample internal benefits of consuming ginger tea it also has some significant external benefits. Having ginger tea can actually make you look more beautiful too. This is because it is very good for your hair and skin as it kind of detoxifies your body by flushing the toxins out of your body. Ginseng Tea could actually be a helping hand in fighting androgenetic alopecia which is commonly known as baldness in men. Research has also stated that ginseng could be utilized as an alternative option to many hair supplements available in the market. Having ginseng tea hence would prove to be a blessing for your hair and skin.

5 - Can assist in weight loss

Ginseng tea is really helpful for some significant weight loss. If consumed religiously with a healthy low calorie diet, it can be your incremental source of energy. This would actually make you fight fatigue and consequentially make you more active as well. The key to weight loss is regulating your blood sugar level and ginseng exclusively does it well. It controls or basically lowers the level of carbohydrates in the body. Carbohydrates are at later stage converted into fats and ginseng tea keeps a check on it. However if you have poor health choices and if you are expecting some magical weight loss by solely relying on ginseng tea you could possibly be disappointed.

6 - A Resource for energy

Ginseng tea has been used since ages to boost energy. It can provide you with supplement of energy if consumed on a daily basis. This is because it helps you fight fatigue and increase your energy levels. Ginseng tea could be really beneficial to increase your physical performance and also to people who are suffering some health related issues that weaken them. Cancer Patients who have a regular intake of ginseng tea are also observed to be comparatively less weak then others who do not consume it. Hence it would not to be incorrect to state that ginseng tea could be a supplement of strength and endurance.

7 - Enhances your sexual performance

Sexual dysfunction in men is believed to be enhanced in men if they are regular consumers of ginseng tea. Men who have ginseng tea are able to have an easy hand at erection. People who have sexual issues are therefore advised to have ginseng tea because it produces nitric oxide thus complementing your sexual performance.

Thus to conclude ginseng tea has some amazing health benefits. However it has some side effects too like estrogenic effect, blood clot, increased blood pressure and heart rate amongst others. Therefore it would be best advised to have it in moderate quantities because anything in excess isn't good. And people with allergies and blood pressure should definitely have a word with their doctor so that they are sure about its consumption effect on their bodies. Overall it could be called as a healthy beverage.

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