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Reasons why Hemp seeds are best for you

Hemp seeds are known notoriously for its close relative the cannabis. However they are nowhere close to the side effects of what Cannabis presents. Hemp seeds do not contain high doses of TCH that is known to give marijuana the look and feel it imparts. Hemp seeds originate from the plant Cannabis Sativa. This seed is known to have some great positive effects on the body. It is tremendously beneficialit the body. More and more clarity is being obtained on a daily basis of how hemp seeds might just be the perfect thing to include into your diet.

Listed below are the top few reasons why you must opt for hemp seeds to be included into your diet.

1. The fibre rich boon

Hemp seeds are extremely rich in fibre. It is one of the most fibre rich food products that are known to be used for consumption. Hemp seeds are actually used to prepare products such as bags and paper. It has great effects on the body. Highfibre foods help in great digestion. Helps in bowel movements. For patients who are suffering from conditions such as the irritable bowel syndrome, this turns out to be a great positive.

2. The nutrient dense food

Hemp seeds are known to have more than one benefit in terms of the nutrition. Hemp seeds are rich in some excellent healthy fats. Just like most of the seeds or nuts, hemp seeds have a good content of fat in it, but this being the good fat it actually helps in regulation of body processes as opposed to making it worse. Besides these the hemp seed is also rich in minerals. Minerals are among the most essential part of the body. It is rich in arginine and other essential amino acids, calcium, Vitamin E and Vitamin E

3. Fatty Acid Rich food

Hemp seeds are extremely fat dense/. However it is important to note that hemp seeds are fat dense in the entire right amount. This because it contains high amount of essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids include linoleic acid as well and alpha linolenic acids. These are not naturally produced in the body, therefore they v=become very essential since they can be sourced only through food. An optimal amount of these essential fatty acid is very important in maintaining perfect levels of body functioning

4. The heart health checker

Hemp seeds have a very high amount of the amino acid arginine. Arginine is known to dilate blood vessels in the arteries. Therefore reducing the hyper tension in the body. It also therefore lowers the blood pressure. This automatically reduces the chances of having stroke or a heart attack

5. The auto immune responsive regulation

When the body feels threatened due to the infiltration of any foreign body or due to some internal stress, the body’s immune system is activated. The immune system then sends across antibodies to fight with these foreign particles. This fighting results in symptoms such as inflammation, increased WBC count and other diseases symptoms. Therefore in cases such as these it becomes important for individuals to take producers such as hemp seeds. It is known to have immune suppressant effects. Therefore your body will not show as much symptoms as it is currently depicting

6. Skin disorders prevention

The oil that is present in hemp seeds and extracted is known to be very beneficial in treatment of various skin disorders. This is because the hemp seeds have a very good penetrative capability. This can therefore cure or prevent diseases that are usually caused due to dryness of the skin and a much smoother or supple skin. The presence of PUFA or poly unsaturated fatty acids. PUFA has some great benefits it’srelieving the patients from diseases such as eczema. Patients who consumed hemp seeds showed high levels of PUFA, which in turn helped in prevention of skin disorders

7. The protein powerhouse

Hemp seeds are very rich in protein. It has been studied that approximately 30 grams of sees contains approximately 11 grams of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of all kinds of body metabolism processes. Therefore having hemp seeds allows you to have a protein rich diet. It can there help is reducing your appetite, which will in turn help in reducing the amount of calorie intake that may be happening. It will make you feel full and give a feeling of satiety. Therefore it will promote weight loss significantly

8. The Hormone balancing act

Women suffer from PMS or premenstrual syndrome. This affects their moods and makes the very temperamental or moody. PMS is solely due to the fact that the body has imbalance of prolactin. These hormones can be regulated by the gamma linolenic acid which is present in the hemp seeds

9. Helps in digestion

This is again due the fact that the amount of fibre that is present in the hemp seeds is very high. Fibre helps with digestion and treats conditions such as constipation or loose motions. It maintains optimum function of you bowel movements. The solublefibre that is present in the shell of the hemp seeds can also regulate the blood sugar levels. It can also improve heart health in patients. Fibre has various known great benefits to the body

In conclusion, Hemp seeds are a boon to have and it would only make sense to explore the benefits of hemp seeds to the fullest.

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