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8 Surprising Facts and Benefits of Iceberg Lettuce

Chunk of ice lettuce is one of the important ingredient in salads and is known for its crunchy surface. It has relatively less supplements than alternate greens that you may discover in servings of mixed greens.

Nourishing Facts

Icy mass lettuce is a superb wellspring of potassium and manganese, and a decent wellspring of iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. It additionally contains hints of sodium, copper, and zinc.

Vitamin Content

Icy mass lettuce is a superb wellspring of vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C. It is additionally a decent wellspring of thiamine, vitamin B6, and folate (vitamin B9).

Caloric Content

Icy mass lettuce contains 14 calories for each 100 grams. It primarily contains water and dietary fiber. This nourishment is low in sodium and is likewise low in immersed fat and cholesterol.

Medical advantages of Iceberg Lettuce

  • Weight reduction

Iceberg lettuce has a high-water content and is low in calories. Thusly, it is useful for weight reduction endeavours.

  • Advances Good Health

It is rich in vitamin A which is a basic vitamin required for solid eyes, development and improvement of bones and reinforcing of invulnerable framework.

  • Forestalls Birth Defects

Iceberg lettuce is a decent wellspring of folate. Admission of folate rich sustenance's by pregnant ladies forestalls birth deformities, for example, spina bifida and anencephaly.

  • Blood Clotting

Iceberg lettuce likewise contains vitamin K which helps underway of proteins by body required for ordinary blood thickening.

  • Forestalls Diseases

It is viewed as that, attributable to the folate content, icy mass lettuce likewise helps in battling growth, heart infections and strokes

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