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Nettle Tea and Its Benefits

Nettle, also known as Urtica dioica is an herb with multiple nutrients. With delicious taste and high health benefits, it is still not the very first tea selected by most of the people.

Origin of Nettle Tea

The Nettle herb is primarily found in Asia, North Africa, and Europe. The tea prepared from this herb is termed as Nettle tea that comprises six nutrients out of which the five are present in trichomes and small spines that effectively offers histamines and other types of nutrients into the skin when come in direct contact.

Over the years, this tea has been used across the world to prepare herbal medicines, rich fiber food and cosmetics. It is a great product to alleviate pains occurring in different body parts. When this leaf is introduced as a food source, then it comprises nutritional value equal to the spinach. The leaves when dried are made to prepare the nettle tea, which offer individuals with numerous health benefits. So, what all good nettle tea can bring to you can be known by reading the complete post!

  • For Healthy Skin

Over the years, nettle tea has been used in treating various skin problems, such as acne, blemishes, skin irritation, and eczema. This tea contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that prevent the skin from all such sorts of problems. The rich antioxidants present in the tea speed up the overall healing process and even prevent scarring of skin. If you suffer from skin blemishes then this tea can help you get rid of them to a great extent. All you have to do is drink this tea and you can even apply the remains left after straining the tea.

  • For Maintaining Health of the Kidney

One of the biggest benefits of Nettle tea is it is great for the kidney health. It is a strong diuretic that stimulates health of the kidney by ensuring consistent urination flow. If you suffer from any kidney or sexual aspect related problem, then nettle tea can help you combat it to a great extent. The tea has shown proven results for increasing the levels of testosterone and to eliminate the development of stones in the kidney.

  • Enhanced Digestion

Nettle tea is just like any herbal tea and hence is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, it is excellent to improve the digestion among the humans and excellent for handling digestive issues, like constipation, IBS, diarrhoea, stomach upset, and other bacterial imbalances. With this tea it is possible to kill all sorts of intestinal parasites and worms, and hence can bring your gastrointestinal tract back to the order. This tea is great to combat the disease causing bacterial growth and boost overall health of the humans.

  • Boosts Immune System

Nettle tea includes carotenoids and flavonoids along with rich concentration of Vitamin C. This makes it an effective beverage that boosts the overall immune system. The presence of such elements in the tea makes it highly powerful that can even neutralize the free radicals within the body. If you are identified with harmful by-products resulted from chronic illness or cellular mutation, then you can fight it with ease by regularly drinking the nettle tea. It is an excellent and simple method to provide your immune system with powerful elements.

  • Treats Osteoporosis

The Nettle tea includes extremely huge sum of healthy minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and calcium. For this reason, this tea is not only a great health source but is also an excellent medicine for individuals suffering from anaemia or osteoporosis. This tea gradually prevents the breakdown of mineral density of the bones. It provides all important minerals to the bone and help individuals fight against the very common and troubling problem of osteoporosis. The minerals and antioxidants present in this tea can actually make you and your body feel young.

  • Alleviates Pain and Inflammation

No matter which sort of body pain it is, you can alleviate it completely by drinking nettle tea on a regular basis. The tea is rich in anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that make it a rich source to soothe the pain caused due to sore back, headache, pulled muscle, bruise, bump, or any similar issue. You can get instant relief from your pain by drinking this tea. Even you can soak the tea leaves for some time and then apply it on the affected area in order to get relief from the pain. It offers a direct and effective relief from the pain.

  • Combats All Sorts of Allergic Reactions

When nettle tea is applied on the skin after soaking overnight then this will result in a healthy and glowing skin that is free from all sorts of skin troubles and allergic reactions. But there are also certain organic and chemical compounds present in the tea that work efficiently as antihistamines when consumed regularly. So, if you are suffering from any major allergic reaction and want a herbal treatment to overcome it, then you may apply the nettle tea on the affected area. Also, if you drink the tea, then you can achieve the results in very less time period.

  • Excellent for Health of Your Heart

If your blood pressure is low, then it will always benefit your heart and the good thing about nettle tea is that it can help maintaining the blood pressure levels at bay. Besides high anti-inflammatory elements, the tea contains potassium that can help diminish the tension in blood vessels and arteries. This promotes better circulation and oxygen supply within the body. If you drink this tea on a regular basis, then you would be less prone to experiencing heart strokes, attacks, and all sorts of cardiovascular complications.

Nettle tea has numerous health benefits, but there are also few concerns related to it. This tea can lead to hormonal fluctuations if consumed in high level and is even not advisable for pregnant women. So, if you wish to consume this tea, then it is better to first take your doctor's advice.

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