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Everything there is to know about the Oolong Tea

Tea lovers! Get together and celebrate, itís time to unleash the Oolong tea. People who love tea, always connect on a karmic level they say. Tea lovers have an unseen bond that connects all of them. Tea lovers absolutely love discussing different types of teas. They would want to try out every type of tea in the world before they can narrow it down to which one is their favourite tea. While it is a well-known fact that people are known to get addicted to tea, but the fact remains nobody really minds that.

Tea and its types

Tea leaves are basically a type of shrub that has amazing flavour, aroma and polyphenols. These polyphenols are known to have a positive effect on the central nervous systems of individuals. Be Ginseng Tea, Masala Tea, earl grey tea, Oolong tea, almost all of them have found their fans across the globe.

The Oolong Tea

But what it is that makes the Oolong tea the favourite's across the globe for many? Why is tea loved and revered so much across the globe? Letís find out.

To begin with, here are some facts about the Oolong Tea

--> Some of the best seasons to enjoy the Oolong tea is the spring season or the autumn season. This enhances the entire experience of relishing an Oolong Tea. Sipping it one sip at a time.

--> Some of the key factors present in the Tea is Caffeine, Vitamin C & E, some catechins, minerals and Polyphenols.

--> The Oolong tea s grown the areas of Fujian, Taiwan and Guangdong.

--> These are belonging to the same family as the green tea or the black tea. They only differ from each other on their method of processing.

How is it processed you wonder?

This Tea originally belongs to the Family Camellia Sinensis. This tea is processed slightly differently than the existing green tea or the black tea. While green tea are the tea leaves that are picked at the fresh initial stages of the picking. These have not yet developed a very distinctive intense flavour. Green Tea has more of a green flavour note. As opposed to the Oolong tea which is known to have a much more dark and intense flavour. The leaves are allowed to oxidize for a bit. This oxidation causes the leaves to darken up. Black tea is the extreme version of the Oolong tea, i.e. Black tea is the completely oxidized version of the green tea or oolong tea.

The amount of catechins that are present in a fresh tea is very high. This level reduces as we oxidize the product further. Therefore, turns out that the Oolong tea have a fairly higher amount of catechins as compared to the black tea. However, they are still lesser when compared to the Green Tea. The Oolong tea has a very vibrant and refreshing sensory profile that is liked for its freshness.

Best way to have the Oolong Tea?

One of the sure shot best ways to have Oolong tea is as follows

1.Allow the water to simmer, add the Oolong tea leaves.
2.Let the Tea leaves simmer well in the water, based on the level of strong- ness that you prefer, add the tea leaves into the boiling pot.
3.Let the water boil properly and bubble.
4.Cover the tea pot for a few minutes, until the flavour and aroma of the tea sinks in.
5.You can now serve your relishing tea to everyone.

What are the health benefits of the Oolong Tea?

This tea is known to have the least amount of Caffeine present in them. Therefore, it is known to be much more beneficial to the body in comparison to the other tea varieties that are being commonly used.

1.Obesity management: While it is well known fact that green Ė tea and black tea have been used over centuries in order to have some weight management benefits to the body. Tea is known to activate or enhances the metabolism of the body. The Polyphenols present in the body are known for its high metabolism enhancing properties. It accelerates fat degradation in the body; this fat breakdown is known to have great benefits in the body.

2.Free Radical scavenging : Free Radicals are created in the body when the body is in a state of stress. This could be physical stress, mental stress, lack of natural nutrients etc. All of this stress results in the body to produce free radicals that have very high detrimental effect of the body. The Oolong tea has some free radical scavenging activity. This is due to the natural antioxidants that are present in the tea leaves.

3. Diabetes treatment : Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that has rampantly been on a rise. Since years, it has been a well-established fact that having tea can have positive effects on the body. Due the high level of antioxidants that are present in the oolong tea i.e. the polyphenols, it is known to have a preventive as well as a curative effect for diabetes. Factors such as Vitamins, potassium, fluorine are all essential minerals that has great benefits in prevention of Diabetes. It is used for treatment of diabetes in some traditional method of treatment for diabetes type 2.

The Oolong tea is therefore not just a beverage that can be relished, but also a drink that can have more than one health benefit.

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