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9 health Benefits of orange juice

Orange Juice is the miracle drink that has been popular through the ages. Orange juice is one of the most easily available and cheap option for maintaining a good health. Eating fruits that are rich in Vitamin C are keep various diseases on the bay. Orange belongs to the citrus family, these citrus fruits are extremely rich in Vitamin C.

Here are top 9 health benefits of Orange Juice

1.The Vitamin C Booster Pack
Vitamin C is one of the water-soluble Vitamins. This Vitamin is extremely sensitive to heal and light. Therefore, it will not be found in foods that are heat treated. Therefore, making it more and more essential to have Vitamin C rich foods in your diet. Vitamin C is absorbed very very easily in the body. Good concentration of Vitamin C in the body helps you fight diseases better.

2.The Fibre Rich Drink
Having a fibre enriched drink becomes very essential in today's day and age. In the era of processed food, every single food that is being consumed is loaded with preservatives. Therefore, the amount of actually fibre that goes into the body, which are more prevalent in natural food products is very low. Therefore, various functions of fibres such as improving bowel movements, prevention of blockages etc are impaired, drinking orange juice will keep up the fibre content in the body.

3.Immunity Booster:
Immunity is based on various factors of the body. However, diet will always remain one of the most essential parts of maintaining good immunity. Vitamin C present in the orange juice is a great precursor of immunity boosting. Good immunity helps you be more alert and sharp and improves your overall performance. It wards off all those unnecessary free radicals that are present in the body due to stressful conditions.

4.Blood Circulation enhancement
Folic acid is one the most important nutrients required by the body in order to fulfil the normal body cycles. These cycles create energy and allow body to function smoothly in all its processes. Since good amount of Folate is present in Orange juice, it helps in proper regulation of body functions by maintain good blood circulation. Therefore, nutrients are delivered to every part of the body timely. These help in good growth of the cell, which in turn keep your body, young, healthy and supple.

The body gets inflamed as a response to a foreign body in the system. This could be a bacterium, and unknown allergen or other N number of conditions. Inflammation is the Body's way of letting us know that it is fighting the battles for us. However, inflammation can cause pain and discomfort. Continued inflammation can be a sign of continued infection, this is the time when the super warriors need to kick in. Products such as orange juice helps reduce the inflammation, they also help in fighting against these elements that are actually causing it a lot of harm.

6.No kidney stones
Kidney stones are very painful and can be a task. They need to be eliminated as soon as possible. However, usually doctors prefer to go for the natural methods of elimination of kidney stones from the body. These are highly painful and therefore anything that helps is aiding with kidney stones disorder helps. For instance, orange juice contains good amounts of citrates, these citrates are known to have beneficial effect on the body. These are very well known for prevention of kidney stones. Potassium citrate, also one of the ingredients that is present in the orange juice is actually used as a drug for treatment of kidney stones in the body.

7.The skin doctors
Orange juice is very well known for its skin keeping abilities. It not only hydrates the skin, but also keeps it looking fresh and healthy inside out. Since orange juice is usually a pocketful of antioxidants, orange juice is known to have great health benefits for the skin. Right from free radical scavenging to helping in collagen formation, the role of orange juice is skin protection is essential. It helps to protect the body from damage that maybe caused due the harmful sunrays, that again creates more free radicals.

8.Prevention of Cardio vascular diseases.
Orange juice is known to have some generic health benefits like improved circulation, better immunity and more controlled blood pressure. Due to which in the long run, it is known to have a beneficial impact on the prevention of CVD. It is known to lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is one of the most prominent factors that is responsible for ailing heart diseases. It reduces the overall stress that is being caused to the heart.

9.Stabilized blood pressure:
When the body has the right amount of fluids and electrolytes in the body, it can very well help in circumventing some serious health ailments. Orange juice is known to improve the blood circulation in all the blood vessels around the body. This therefore has a positive impact on the blood pressure, this indirectly impacts so many cardio vascular diseases that might have caused due to blood pressure problems

To conclude, it is rightly said, Orange Juice is an all-rounder when it comes to protecting your body against diseases and ailments. It is not just curative, but a very preventive solution in keeping your body healthy. Be it healthy people or ailing ones, having orange juice is always recommended

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