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Pistachio, more than just an expensive ingredient

Pistachio or pasta has originated from the western Asia part. However it is also known to be found in some of the Mediterranean regions. It has an extreme flavour that is very strong. It has a very distinctive flavour profile that may or may not be preferred. However when you consider the health benefits of Pista, it will be a great option to include this expensive nut into your diet. And by the way, pista isn’t a fruit, but actually a nut.

1. The heart healthy nut

Like most nuts, Pista contains components that work in regulation your cholesterol levels. Similarly,Pista too helps in reducing your LDL level which is the bad cholesterol in the body and it manages to improve and regulate the HDL which is the good cholesterol. It improves the strength of your heart by improving the elasticity of your heart muscles.

2. Helps against Inflammation

The vitamin A that is abundantly present in Pistachio helps against the inflammatory reaction that the body gives; It is also rich in Vitamin E which also synergistically helps in improving the anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Diabetes prevention

Pistachio is extremely rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus regulates various body processes however one of the most important things phosphorus does is it can help prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. This nut contains about 60% of the total daily value as the recommended dietary allowance for phosphorus. It has an added advantage of helping in protein breakdown

4. Nervous system improvement

Vitamin B 6 is a very important vitamin that is required by the body in order to maintain good functioning and regulation of the central nervous system. Pistachio is one among those nuts that have really very high concentration of Vitamin B 6. This definitely works in the favour of central nervous system development and maintenance. Amines are very dependent on the Vitamin B6 which is a part building a good network of nerves that can used for transmission of messages to various organs of the body and brain.

5. Helps in maintain the quality of the blood

Blood is extremely important for the body. Good passage of blood in every part of the body is extremely essential in order to provide nourishment to every cell of the body. Besides just the passage of the blood, the blood should be of good quality and free of toxins as much as possible.Having Vitamin B6 in the blood helps in taking up more oxygen, then transporting it to the various parts of the body. Therefore it is automatically responsible for increasing the levels of haemoglobin in the blood

6. Eye health improvement

Macular degeneration is a very common disease that happens when the ageing process has kicked in. People start losing out on their sight and vision. Pistachio contains good quantity of lutein and zeaxanthin;these are anti-oxidants that help in against the free radical formation that occurs. It destroys free radicals that are one of the most important factors that accelerate ageing.

7. Improves immunity

Vitamin B6 which is abundantly available in Pistachio has various beneficial functions. One among them isimproving overall immunity. This is one of the key functions of pistachio because, when you improve the overall immunity of the body, you improve the overall fighting resistance the body has against any diseases.

8. Improving Brain Health

Again Vitamin B6 plays an important role here. Vitamin B6 improves the haemoglobin levels in the blood. This implies better oxygen supply to all parts of the body including the brain. Good oxygen supply to the brain implies better focus, better memory, and better concentration and judgement skills. Therefore pistachio can be an extremely important food for maintaining the brain health as well.

9. The glands protector

Our body depends on glands like spleen, thymus etc. These help in maintenance of these glands by helping supply them with good blood that contains good amount of WBS’s.

10. The Skin health improvement

Vitamin E is present in the pistachio. Vitamin E is one of the most important parts of the anti-ageing process. Good quantity of Vitamin E helps in maintains a healthy skin quality. It makes it blemish free and protects the skin against some of the harmful pollutants such as UV rays. Your skin ends up looking more healthy and full of life.

11. Ageing prevention

As already mentioned, anti-ageing properties are present in Vitamin E. Therefore consumption of good quantity of Pistachio helps in protecting the body against the free radicals that promote aging. When the free radicals are high in number, they cause oxidative rancidity in the body cells. This results in aging. Therefore consumption of pistachio in good quantities helps prevention of aging.

12. Anti-cancer properties.

The anti-oxidant effect of pistachio, the presence of Vitamin B6 helps in prevention of Cancer. It helps by increasing the blood count in foods. Various types of cancer prevention are possible. Therefor if you have a genetic history of cancer, it would be best to have cancer preventive substances such as pistachios, All in all, we can safely conclude that pistachio has N number of health benefits. This can lead to improvement in the quality of health in various segments of your life. Therefore make sure you are consuming good quantity of pistachio in your diet. Either have the nuts as it is or incorporate them on your meals. These will tremendously help improve the quality of your life

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