Quinoa Health benefits


Why Quinoa is good for your health

In an age where foods come under the scanner for every detail including the benefits, side effects, health consequences, Quinoa has stood its ground. It has gone to become a super food of sorts. Quinoa is a super food, due to the fact there are way to positives that Quinoa dispenses to its users. The list of health benefits that one can gain from the daily consumption of Quinoa is pretty long.

What exactly is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a crop that is grown for the sole purpose of its seeds. It originates form the family of Chenopodium Quinoa from the areas of Bolivia and Peru. It isbelieved than the famous Incas called this grain as the ‘Mother Grain’. The Quinoa differs in its growth process when compared to the other grains of similar category. Quinoa first grows a beautiful purple flower and then the seeds come into the picture.

It is known that in reality there are over 100 different types of Quinoa that are actually available. However the most common ones that are commercially used are the black, white and red Quinoa. Quinoa has a sort of bitter taste, therefore it is always recommended to soak it in water before using them in preparations.

Listed Below is the health benefits of Quinoa

1. The Gluten free product

With all the rage in the market about gluten free product, it comes as no surprise that Quinoa is gluten free. It can be easily incorporated in gluten free diet plans. Gluten is known to be detrimental to the health of people who consume them regularly. This topic has been under debate for years now. However, more and more studies are hinting toward the fact that gluten in fact may not be the best thing for health right now.

2. The complete amino acid booster pack

Where few food products contain all the amino acids. Quinoa is one of the rare products or seeds that contain all the 9 amino acids. This makes it one of the most popular products. Amino acids are one if the most essential building blocks when it comes to regulate all the different body processes. Without the amino acids all the process would not function smoothly or at all. This is a major plus when it comes to selecting the right ingredients for you food.

3. The mineral boon

Quinoa is rich a list of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. It’s also contains various other anti-oxidants that prevent the body from oxidative rancidity that the cells may undergo. Under minerals present also include Folate, copper, potassium. Quantitatively the highest amount of minerals that is present in the foodsis Manganese.

4. The secret ingredients of Quinoa :

These ingredients or components may not be very popular or heard off. But these are extremely important for your body. These are flavonoids with immense health benefits. These components are known to have anticancer properties, antiviral and also are great anti-depressants. Studies have shown that intake of Quinoa in your diet will increase the overall intake of other nutrients in your body as well. When your body is getting all the right amount of food, it is already going to start showing in your fitness levels.

5. TheFibre rich food

Quinoa grains are extremely fibre rich. Fibre is a very essential component that must be part of every meal. People do not give enough importance in incorporating fibre in your diet. Although Quinoa contains a lot more insolublefibre that soluble, it is still very important. Insolublefibre helps in the bowel movements and ease of digestion. Although in the insolublefibre content may be higher, it still contains pretty decent amount of soluble fibre.

6. Low in Glycaemic Index

Glycaemic index is one major factor that is responsible for the blood sugar levels, When the GI of the food is high despite lesser amount of Table sugar in it, for instance rice, and it has the same amount of detrimental effect on the body. Food that is very high on GI cause fluctuations in the body blood sugar levels. Therefore diabetics are always advised to have foods that are low on GI. Quinoa helps to maintain good GI levels since it by itself is very low on GI.GI is now also known to be associated with heart diseases etc.

7. Magnesium Rich food

Having approximately one cup of Quinoa can help you ease approximately 30% of the RDA that is required.Magnesium is one of the most important components when it comes to treating or prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis, blood pressure etc.

8. Prevention of Heart problems

Heart diseases can be prevented. For instance the high amount of magnesium and fibre in your food is very beneficial for your heart health. It also prevents insulin sensitivity.

To conclude is a super food that contains most of the major health benefits you can think of. Starting from mineral density that is extremely high, fibre rich, and magnesium rich, lower glycaemic Index prevention of heart problems. High antioxidant activity, it also improves skin condition. It improves muscle metabolism, therefore it becomes easy for building the muscles. Considering the great health benefits this super food is giving them, it is important to include Quinoainto your diet. Change your life for the better, include these all in one super food in your diet and be rest assured that the effects will start to show before you know it.

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