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Benefits of silicon:

Silicon is a constituent of the trace mineral family and although it is not required in great proportions like calcium and iron, its benefits on the overall health cannot be ignored. Silicon is known for its surprising benefits it provides to the beauty industry and it is also an essential component of the trace mineral that promotes stronger bones and alleviates pain. It is also one of the most easily available elements obtained in the crust of the earth and is used in technological devices to a great extent. Silicon supplements are also available in the leading retail stores in order to make up for the silicon deficiency. It promotes healthy skin and hair and increases the content of vitamin D in the body which helps in the absorption of the silicon in the bloodstream. Silicon is found concentrated in bones, cartilage, tendons, tissues, hair and bone structure. It represents 0.05% of your body weight. It should be consumed moderation and on the discretion of the doctor.

Symptoms that you are suffering from silicon deficiency:

Silicon deficiency causes skin and hair problems. It causes skin pigmentation, wrinkles, brittle and chipped nails, joint pains and hair loss. It also affects the nerve tissue directly. It also causes mineral imbalance in vertebrae and femur. Silicon deficiency signs are subtle but it is a slow process so attention should be paid in an early stage. Silicon infused diet should be made mandatory among children for an overall wellbeing while descending into adulthood.

Sources of silicon deficiency:

Water is a natural source of silicon and it is advised to drink many litres of water when one is suffering from silicon deficiency. Food products that have a high content of fibre are to be consumed to restore the silicon content in the system. Whole grain foods like wheat, barley, oats and rice and vegetables and fruits like cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, lettuce and fruits like oranges, strawberries and apple. Beer also contains a high level of silicon. It is also used in beauty products which act as anti-ageing agent in the form of silicon dioxide.

Silicon and Alzheimer's Disease

Research proposes that ortho-silicic corrosive, when added to refreshments, lessens the take-up of aluminium in the stomach related tract and advances its renal discharge. Thus, researchers trust that silicic corrosive could be utilized to keep Alzheimer's illness. Silicic corrosive normally happens in brew and, unexpectedly, lager has been related with keeping Alzheimer's illness for quite a while, however for another reason. Lager contains a compound known as xanthohumol that is available in bounces, which has been appeared to counteract mind harm. (Another justifiable reason motivation to drink brew all the more regularly.)

Silicon and Osteoporosis

Silicon has been connected to bone mineralization and collagen amalgamation and in this way made in charge of the quality of the bones and adaptability of the joints. Research has discovered that expanded dietary admission of silicon improves bone mineral thickness in young fellows and premenopausal ladies. A few researchers subsequently recommend that silicon frosty be utilized to avoid osteoporosis. In any case, no impact on bone mineralization has been seen in post-menopausal ladies, which may demonstrate that silicon just advances sound bone development yet does not keep the bone breakdown. Silicon is additionally thought to emanate or transmit vitality in its crystalline structure, as in quartz precious stone.

Silicon and Joint Health

Prior creature thinks about showed that eating regimen high in silicon may help build the convergence of collagen in the ligament and in this manner enhance joint wellbeing. It alleviates joint pains and helps in building stronger bones. It also prevents and builds resistance against injuries in the near future. It forms a layer around the ligament and prevents it from tearing easily. It is known to have the capacity to profoundly infiltrate the tissues and help to clear put away toxins. The "silicea" tissue salt, a homeopathic cure, is given the stature of a minor surgeon.

Silicon and Skin, Hair and Nails

In a few examinations, silicon has been appeared to have beneficial outcome on skin surface and mechanical properties of the skin, the skin's mending capacity, hair elasticity and hair adaptability, and auxiliary uprightness of nails. Silicon likewise seems to enhance fragile nail disorder. It makes the skin glow and gets rid of the blemishes and is present in many of the beauty products. It prevents thinning of hair and gives a great shine to the hair.

Silicon and atherosclerosis :

Creature thinks about uncovered that silicon may help forestall indications of atherosclerosis, for example, aggravation, oxidative anxiety, metabolic irregularity and vascular brokenness in hamsters that were sustained a high-fat eating routine. This affirms discoveries of prior investigations which proposed that silicon may assume an imperative part in the counteractive action of atherosclerosis.

It speeds up the process of recovery:

Silicon plays a major role in protection against various diseases like tuberculosis and the others which are related to mucous membranes. It also helps in increasing the healing rate during fractures and ligament tear. It also boosts the immunity level and strengthens the metabolism of an individual.

Word of caution:

Silicon has been found to cause of kidney stones in people, in spite of the fact that this happens seldom and the people being referred to were on silicon supplements for an augmented timeframe. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies are not encouraged to take silicon supplements, for the most part because of the obscure impacts of overdo.

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