10 things every tea lover does

If Tea tops your chart of all-time best drinks, then join in. Tea lovers distinctively stand out every time you hear the word tea. You might be busy, tired, bored, confused and the only thing that starts putting everything back in place is one cup of tea. Thankfully for Tea lovers, there are such a wide variety of tea's that are available across the globe, that we could all spend a lifetime just trying out different types of tea.

Here are 10 things every tea lover does that you might relate to if you too are a part of this league, read on and give us 'High five' or 'Me too'!

1.Sharing Quotes and memes You are a part of every Facebook meme that has the word Tea in it. You love for tea is now borderlining obsession when every friend of yours is tagging you in 'I love Tea' memes. You have now been tagged as somebody who's life depends on tea. You have been labelled dysfunctional without a cup of steaming hot chai brewing in the background. Every single cup of tea is a respite for al yapper daily mundane activities. Helping you get through life, one cup at a time.

2.Drinking Tea, the minute you reach office As soon as you reach work, you act like a zombie. It almost seems like you haven't had sleep in the entire past week. You do not know how it is like to work without the right hit of caffeine and tannins into your system. You do not want to make small talk or any awkward conversation. So, all you do is hit straight to the pantry and go to that machine that brews this magic decoct for you. Making it just as you like it seems to something you want to add to your resume. One cup down, now you can take on the world.

3.Drinking tea before any big event Every big event, calls for a lot of stress panic and chaos. You have planned the big day down; all the events will inevitably unfold the way you planned. But all the lapses or misjudgements are now daunting you. Nothing, absolutely nothing is going to make you feel better about this. And what do you do when all else fails? Tea Of course! So, you go around have one cup of tea, sometimes maybe two (Let's hope not more!) and then you can think clearer and go take on the world like it's all a piece of cake. Chai does make everything look easier

4.Drinking tea at the end of a very hectic day The day has unfolded itself in the most overwhelming way. You don't know if you need sleep, or therapy. You don't know if you should just overthink yourself to a state of delirium or just let it all go. And on days like these, all you end up doing is going into your kitchen and making yourself the most amazing cup of tea. No, it doesn't help the situation or make you decide anything. It is just like a silent best friend that is here to accompany you when you need it the most. We love you too Tea!

5. If you missed your tea time, you know you need to have that compensatory tea no matter where you are You may be in a place that is out of your comfort zone, or you might be somewhere where getting a tea isn't the easiest thing to do. But you do it, anyway right? So, you go around looking for tea stalls, tea cafes hell you might even walk into a five-star hotel if that's your only option. You just simply need your daily dose of tea to hit a nerve in all the right places. But if you still don't get it, it doesn't matter what time in the night it is, the minute you hit home, you brew yourself a cup. Because please, you shouldn't have to live a day without tea running in your body.

6.Trying every tea dip on the planet Everywhere you go, every stall, every café, you want to try out that new flavour of tea, new tea leaves, new style of tea preparation. You must have already tasted about a million dips, but hey, you know you've got a million more to go right.

7.Going to every new tea place in your vicinity You know every tea stall and shop within 100 miles of your residence or work place. Maybe even more. But that too doesn't seem good enough. You keep hitting up the internet looking out for some new place where you can taste the same old flavour. Great isn't it.

8.Having that roadside cutting chai – the hot steaming cup And there is nothing in world that taste's as heavenly as a cup of roadside tea stall. This tea has everything brewed in the right amount. The perfect concoct of masala, sweetness any everything right.

9.Your tea cups – the sacred shrine Your tea cups come in all shapes, sizes and patterns, you love collecting tea mugs with tea quotes on in. You have tea cups with your family picture, your picture, the picture of your fav band. Because everyone knows this is one gift that you will use to the absolute fullest. It feels great to be a part of this doesn't it.

10. Feeling that dread when you can't see any tea store around You are on a road trip you planned for months. Now that you are finally here, you are starting to panic because miles on end you can't see a single tea stall or tea shop. This is nerve-wracking and stressful. Be strong girl, we can go through this and deal with it!

So now that you have read the word Tea too many times, go brew yourself tea. Because we know you are craving for it right about now! Slurp Slurp!

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