10 things about Vodka you did not know

We know you love a good sip of alcohol. And why not when it is one if the best alcoholic drinks in the world. Vodka goes a long way back in history of individuals who love to make themselves a good string drink. Vodka is one of those drinks that everyone starts with. It is always one of the starters pack when it comes to alcohol. Most of you would have vivid memories of trying that first sip of bitter and stringent alcohol taste burning against your throat. Now you might have come a long long way, but you cannot ever undermine the benefits of a strong Vodka cocktail.

But, did you know how good your vodka can actually be? Here are top 10 things we bet you did not know about your favourite hard drinkability

1.Your purest alcoholic drink

We kid you not! Vodka is known to be amongst the purest alcoholic beverage when it comes to the purity of the drink. Vodka is prepared from potato and contains very small negligible amounts of fusel oil.This oil is usually found in high quantities in other alcoholic drinks. Vodka undergo carbon filtration making this drink one of the purest forms of alcoholic drinks available to choose from.

2.Doesn't age well

Does this sound just like you? Vodka does not age well. Unlike drinks like the wine or brandy which are known to become more and more priceless with the right ageing conditions. The same does not hold true for Vodka. Vodka is manufactured with a shelf life of 12 months from date if manufacture. Therefore it does go bad and it is not the preferred choice of drink if you like aged beauties.

3. Wholesale Vodka only

Vodka in olden days was sold in bulk pack only. It was usually sold in drums or buckets that would weigh 12.3 litres to be precise. Vodka selling in smaller more commercial packaging became famous in recent decades. Thank god for the smaller bottles. The world would be drunken mess if we had to stack up 12.3 litres of alcohol everytime you decided to have some vodka for fun! So next time you buy Vodka miniatures, you certainly need to thank some packaging company that came.up with this brilliant solution.

4. The Vodka belt

This is a legit geographical belt. Who thought that world locations would be names after the alcohol sold popularly in the region. The vodka belt constitutes of the following regions, Russia, Ukraine, all Nordic , Belarus and the Baltic countries'. The vodka belt is called so because of its high production of Vodka in this region. America has been known to consume some really high quantities of Vodka. Therefore promoting more Vodka production in these countries.

5. The anti septic Vodka

It is a well known fact that alcohol has been used as an anti septic for centuries now. Even today some grades of alcohol are the major antiseptics being used for cleaning and maintenance of sterile conditions. Similarly, Vodka having such a high concentration of alcohol is known to have some great antiseptic properties. It can be used locally for cleansing or sterilizing some equipments' in emergencies. Such as razors or scissors. These can be just dipped in alcohol and mildly flamed( caution-highly flammable) or you could simple dab a cotton swab in alcohol and clean the infected area.

6. The pure medical origin

Vodka was originally invented and used for medicinal purposes. These were even scented and then used as an after shave solution, this was due to its astringent properties

7. Another Crazy. Origin story

Vodka was known to be used to prepare gunpowder. However this had not yet been confirmed, it is said that vodka was used somewhere in the 15th century in order prepare gun powder.

8. Some weird flavours

Vodka is available today is some lip smacking flavours. The taste profile of vodka as it is amazing. However some of the flavoured Vodkas are extremely popular. Flavours like green apple vodka, chocolate vodka, lime vodka really amp up the flavour of this beautiful hard drink. However there were darker times when vodka was available in all sorts of weird flavours. These included pepper flavour, spiced flavours and others. It is hard to imagine such a smooth great drink to be tasting more like a biryani! However, weird flavours are popular in many parts of India as well as outside.

9. The Smirnov story

No this isn't some cool digital marketing, lets get rich story. This is a success story from a time zone where marketing had a very difficult and different definition. That too to nail a product like Vodka in such a time is absolutely difficult. But The great Smirnov would badmouth the poor neighbourhoods. Host a party calling in various guests and serve alcohol at a cost. People would pay handsomely in local money for the same. And that's exactly how the Smirnov became what it is today. This is one story that should inspire you to use some crazy marketing strategies to work your business right. But then again you must have a product that's as amazing as Vodka right.

10. Vodka Is had cold for a reason

Vodka just doesn't burn tour throat dry for no reason. It is a very well known fact that Vodka is known to generate a lot of heat due to its extremely high alcohol content. Therefore individuals prefer having vodka that is chilled. It not only adds to the richness in flavour, but also reduces the heat generated a bit.

Now you know much more about Vodka than just its brilliant taste. So go on spread the word.

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