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Things about walnuts you need to know

Walnuts have been known for centuries now for the millions of health benefits it has to offer. It is one of the oldest nuts that were being consumed as a food item. And it’s health benefits especially the fact that is is extremely beneficial for the brain has always been popular. There has been debate over whether the calorie density part of walnut can be a put off. However, it has stood the test of time and debate. It ended up as a great food with various health benefits.

Can help against insomnia

Insomnia is a condition wherein people are sleep deprived. Walnuts help in regulation of the component melatonin. This is responsible for your sleep cycles. When this is not regulated well in your body, you suffer from lack of sleep. Lack of sleep further affects other functions such as your concentration power and focus. Good production melatonin is very important for your body to function well. Without adequate sleep yourbody cannot function well. Therefore use walnuts to improve your sleeping ability

Heart disease prevention

Heart disease is caused due a variety of factors. If your body contains good amount of anti-oxidants, these anti-oxidants help you improving your overall heart health. This is because walnuts are rich in omega 3. Omega 3 is one of the most important fats that helps in overall maintained of heart health. It is not just a great snack but also does great to your body and health.

Helps in weight loss

Walnuts are known to contain high amounts of fats and calories. But all fats are not bad fats. Fats can be categorized into good fat and bad fat. Walnuts may be high on fat but they have good fats like omega 3. This is extremely healthy especially for women. It also contains protein and fibre. Both of which are good for weight loss. More than weightloss, Walnuts are a go to product to try for weight management. When you plan to lose weight walnuts can be a part of the mini meals that you have in the middle of the day to break the long spells of starvation. At times like this the walnuts are enough to give you energy without over eating

Diabetes prevention

Diabetes occurs due to the miss-regulation of the blood sugar levels in the body. If the insulin production is not even, then the body blood sugar levels are not maintained. It has been researched that diabetes incidents have lowered significantly in people who have consumed walnuts. Especially in case of type II diabetes. These have been backed by researches and studies.

Improvement in sperm vitality

Sperms are very important in maintain the fertility. If a couple is planning to get pregnant, it is important to have good quality of sperms and ovum .Walnut is known to improve the quality of sperms. It improves the overall motility of the sperm. This is very important in order to improve the chances of fertility.

Great for great Hair

Walnuts contain biotin. Biotin is known to be great for the hair. It helps to reduce hair fall and strength your hair from the very roots. It can help prevent hair loss by providing adequate nourishment to the roots of the hair. Therefore works to make you hair look good from root to tip.

Prevention of cancer, especially pancreatic cancer

Various research backed proof exists that consumption of good quantity of walnuts can help prevent pancreatic cancer. Walnuts are very rich in flavonoids, Vitamin E and various other anti-cancercomponents. Therefore after conducting various studies on the relation of cancer and walnuts, it has been proven time and again that walnuts are great. It prevent various types of cancer, especially pancreatic cancer

For longevity of life

Longevity of life is attributed to a number of factors. These factors include reduction in the chances of cardio vascular diseases or prevention in cancer related diseases. Therefore when you reduce the risk of some of the most common diseases you certainly improve your chances in life. It is said that nut eaters in general have 39% less chance of having CVD’s and walnut eaters have almost 45% less chance of having any type of heart disorder.

Helps in prevention against memory loss

As we all know, that one of the biggest positives of walnuts is the fact that helps in the brain health of individuals. People who are suffering froma degenerative memory such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, walnuts can be a great cure. Walnuts help improving your overall memory power. This can be attributed to the presence of Vitamin E in walnuts. These are flavonoids that also improve the memory. People suffer from severe memory loss as ageing proceeds. In such cases walnuts can prove to be a boon to patients.

Healthy during pregnancy

During pregnancy, omega 3 is very important part of your diet. Walnuts are rich in PUFA. PUFA helps in improving the immune system in the baby. It makes the baby much more immune to allergies and other foreign substances. Food allergies in kids are a very common problem these days. Having walnuts will improve the gut immunity.

Incorporate more walnuts into your daily life. You cannot go wrong with this. So pack your walnuts into small meals and portions in combinations with other nuts. Pack them up into small portion sizes and enjoy your nuts meal on the go. They will not just give you energy but keep you in the pink of health at all times.

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