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6 Health benefits of white tea

Tea is one of the most popular refreshing drinks there is. Tea lovers are not segregated to one corner of the world. You will find tea lovers in every continent, country and state. There is something about Tea that certainly sets it apart from all the other beverages. We wonder why and how can one particular beverage be of the likes for every different country and continent. But something's are just the way they are. Tea is almost an addiction or a necessity to so many individuals.

Tea is known to be of many types that are distinguished by its flavour and health benefits. This article will brief you up about the white Tea. This white tea is a very popular beverage in the eastern part of the world, more specifically in countries such as China, Sri Lanka, and India etc. White Tea is not only different in its taste and flavour profile, but it is known to impart various health benefits to those who are using it. The west has more recently started to explore and acknowledge the great benefits of the white tea.

1.The weight loss White tea
There are studies that suggest that white tea has shown tremendous benefits in weight loss. People all around the world are troubled by obesity. To help prevent obesity, people go on nauseating diets and crash dieting is not uncommon. Therefore a remedy such as the white tea comes as a respite. These individuals can simply drink two cups of tea per day. They need not go on some crash diet or cut their carbs drastically. While it is always said that a synergistic treatment works best for weight loss trying out different techniques such as exercise and controlled diet.

2.Helps during pregnancy
Antioxidants are present in high quantities in tea. All kinds of tea have good amounts of anti-oxidants. White tea, too, is loaded with a good quantity of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help the body by protecting the cells of the body. It prevents oxidative damage that may be occurring to the cells due the stress that pregnancy imparts to the body, cells and organs. However, due to the amount of caffeine that is present in the tea, it is always first advisable to consult your doctor about having white tea during pregnancy.

3. Cancer treatment and prevention
Again studies have justified that white tea has known to show some significant anti-cancer properties. It is known to harm the cancer cells and destroy them. Most of the cancer treatment procedures involving killing the body cells. Therefore as a collateral damage, usually the healthy body cells are also lost in the bargain. However, when it comes to white tea it is a proven fact that while white tea is detrimental to cancer cells, it is known to protect the good healthy cells of the body. This is one of the major positives of the white tea. It is also known to have some photo protective agents; therefore it works positively in protecting the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. General Skin damage can also be prevented all thanks to the antioxidants that are present in white tea.

4.Great hair and best skin
As already mentioned, White tea is known to be extremely anti-oxidant rich. Conditions such as dandruff result in hair fall because dandruff clogs the hair follicle openings. Therefore hair does not get adequate nourishment and circulation. Having white tea is known to have anti-inflammatory property. Due to which dandruff is reduced and therefore the hair is healthier. The EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate which is present in White tea is one of the key warriors that are known to impart some of the most benefit imparting properties to white tea. EGCG is known to enhance hair growth in individuals. Therefore having white tea consistently is one of the greatest things you can do for maintain your own body.

5.Diabetes prevention and treatment
Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that has been affecting the new age generation. It is merely a result of all the lifestyle abuse that has been happening. Bad eating habits, increasing amounts of pollution etc. severely impact the health of an Indic dual. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that are impacting every age group. Indi duals are getting more and more harassed by the side effects of this disease. Diabetes is known to affect the cerebral cortex. There are studies that having white tea on a daily basis reduces the negative impact diabetes has on the person's cerebral cortex. It is inexpensive considering the other diabetic treatment alternatives that exist.

6.Energy regulator
Energy is the one and only factor that helps you get through the day. Regulating your energy and using it correctly in an optimized fashion is important in order to function properly. White tea is rich in an amino acid called as L-theanine. This amino acid has a calming effect on the body. Therefore, you do not waste your energy in useless activities or thoughts. You are more stable and calm. Therefore your brain can then utilize all its energy in order to perform tasks in a more orderly fashion.

Therefore, opt for white tea and enjoy the relaxing and soothing aroma that the white tea imparts. It has some serious health benefits that can be achieved by just drinking two inexpensive cups of white tea.

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